Between Kiprok and Regulator

The Hobymotor mania do you know the electric current generated filling bobbin type AC (alternative current) direction and the resulting large voltage bobbin filling approximately 20 volts at high on lap.
Only problem is the motor electrical systems adopt voltage 12 volts DC. Kiprok is required major regulator of charging voltage, and is also useful to convert AC current to be DC which will be supplied to the battery,
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Racing Chamshaft for Daily

Good to see you again the visitors of my blog. In this opportunity I will try to discuss or chamshaft  racing as many currently available. Presence of a variety of racing back in the market makes us confused sometimes choose, a variety of products sold with a bid to make motor racing, is it true?
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Carburetor RX-King Legendary

The friend of all the goods times there is to like the RX-King carburetor, carburetor RX King, including a lot karbu hunted, especially for ducks and modify motorcycles have engine capacity below.
When viewed closely, there are differences karbu until 1994. If the code 29R down in 1994, while 1995 until now, 3KA code.
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Roller CVT

The friend of all may have something to try to change the combination of roller CVT skubek machine that uses energy transfer with Continuosly Variable Transmission CVT.
Naturally, as their season now with this type of motor, of course, with the aim of chasing performance, but we certainly need to know first the standard size of our skubek roller, for almost the same weight all kinds skubek in Indonesia is 12 grams, it might be appropriate with the field in Indonesia generally and cc of all brands is almost the same.
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Helmet Strap

In my post this time to try to remind the importance of the safety strap of the helmet for all mate, its the hobymotor I will discuss about the helmet strap seemingly rarely noticed the bikers but this one is helpful premises at the helm of his own but rarely consider the hobymotor this one.
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