Racing Chamshaft for Daily

Good to see you again the visitors of my blog. In this opportunity I will try to discuss or chamshaft  racing as many currently available. Presence of a variety of racing back in the market makes us confused sometimes choose, a variety of products sold with a bid to make motor racing, is it true?

So you are not confused in my experience; we must first understand the motor tight restrictions desired by all means mate or competition daily for chapters, each character has to offer every back is different in different markets, especially the product spec does not list or change back in the wrapper, so confused the added confusion.

The hobbymotor as a benchmark for daily matches are usually played at 280 degrees for numbers play a lot of competition in the numbers 330. Take the example to mark WRD is to match the daily duration of about 270-280 degrees. The greater the duration makes the valve open longer, it is more chamshaft suitable for the topspeed wanted, changes that make the machine tends to play in the middle and upper rev.
Why 280 is more appropriate duration for daily matches? faster because they close and open valve certainly Affects the acceleration of playing in the round medium in accordance with the conditions of stop and go traffic. To simply note that duration WRD 280 brands, kelp discard opens at 60 degrees before the BDC, and closed at 40 degrees after TDC, was to intake open at 40 degrees before the TDC and closes at 80 degrees after the BDC.

So I thought perfect for the daily matches. So for just a picture for all the friends who want to try to buy parts racing this one, hopefully there is some idea of about what brand to buy anything and the duration of what is up my friend who wanted to try, good luck.

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