Helmet Strap

In my post this time to try to remind the importance of the safety strap of the helmet for all mate, its the hobymotor I will discuss about the helmet strap seemingly rarely noticed the bikers but this one is helpful premises at the helm of his own but rarely consider the hobymotor this one.

Various brands offer helmets on the market, the model also many choices, but to tie the system only offered two models of D-ring or mechanical.
Model D-ring can be said manual locking device, called the D-ring because it resembles the letters D.
As for the mechanical model called the buckle or a click, more practical because the pehobymotor is to connect the lock dekua parts, such as seat belts so dimobil think about.
But there are pros and cons of the two models, for model D can be said more safety, it's because our own kekencangannya determined, to a perceived lack of safety mechanism especially for racing purposes. Now your helmet which includes a type of rope?

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