Roller CVT

The friend of all may have something to try to change the combination of roller CVT skubek machine that uses energy transfer with Continuosly Variable Transmission CVT.
Naturally, as their season now with this type of motor, of course, with the aim of chasing performance, but we certainly need to know first the standard size of our skubek roller, for almost the same weight all kinds skubek in Indonesia is 12 grams, it might be appropriate with the field in Indonesia generally and cc of all brands is almost the same.

Although the same weight but of different views, some small and some larger than physical form has the smallest Yamaha Suzuki has the greatest but then again the same weight of 12 grams, the size difference due to differences in home design or variatornya roller.
An example is the Honda Vario and Beat, beat smaller roller few millimeters, but re-weight the same, a little smaller because of construction CVT is also smaller than the Vario's. Roller been weak top speed, CVT foller must often be checked and if allowed to be less weight to be reduced as a result less powerful burst of pressure roller mace front, top speed so the effect is lessened, even worse as the engine power reduced. So you choose a heavy or light roller choosing?
I hope my explanation useful for you as well.

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