Excess CDI Vega

Use proven CDI vega common among perpetrators of road rece, Ignition Yamaha Vega powerful boost Jupiter-Z increasingly powerful in the run-up. Actually it's already stale discussed because so many have lived to aplication full of magnetic, bobbin and CDI.
These modification trick applies only fellow duck yamaha, motorcycle owners are also legitimate vega to make ignition box, provided of course the same base AC. Call it Honda's family of grand astrea, supra, GL 100 CDI, GL-Pro to tiger can follow-up pairs.

I have the supra testing daily matches, it is more vicious cycle again, rich CDI luggage which wilt above.
Not too hard Vega in pairs CDI ignition honda spec AC, which is rather difficult to change the pick-up pulser coil or sensor, which is outside the circle to change the bump magnet position, just 12mm short original should be adjusted at a vega that is 59mm, but 58mm is recommended to make so that it can spin, but remember lengthen the sensor to the back, do the opposite, remember.
Next live serial cable that can fit CDI same Vega cable honda motorcycle body, vega CDI is a round socket model, so easy to find at auto parts stores around us.
So that should cut the cable to the socket CDI honda 5 foot model, continue to change in order to soket units fit into the CDI vega, do not forget the safety tubing to protect them from water.
Good luck.

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