2010 Chevy Cobalt

2010 is the last year the Chevy plans to make the Cobalt sedan. Due to that fact there isn't a whole lot that has been changed for the '10 model year. The vehicle is still relatively good on gas and offers more than enough room to comfortably fit passengers. The vehicle has never been known for being loaded to the max with extra options but it does offer enough for it's price to make it a reasonable choice. Excluding the SS model, most trim packages and models of the Cobalt haven't been engineered for power or performance.

Trim packages available include the XFE, LS, LT, and SS. XFE models are designed for fuel efficiency, hence the initials. There really isn't a whole lot of amenities offered on these models. Included features are a 60/40 rear bench seat that can be folded for access to the trunk, a CD with mp3 player, and satellite radio. What makes these models fuel efficient is the use of 15 inch roll resistant tires and a higher tuned transmission. Consumers looking to save some money at the pump will find these models very accommodative. LS models come equipped with On Star navigation and support systems, the same rear seat, CD players with audio jacks, a more developed center console, and full power accessories.

At the mid-level package range is the LS trim. These are quite similar to the basic packages except they offer AC, cruise control, 16 inch alloy wheels, antilock brakes, and a lot more interior fabric options. LS models offered with the coupe body style come with the most available options. Possible upgrades include leather steering wheels with mounted audio controls, better stereo systems with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, sunroofs, and the possibility to upgrade to 17 inch alloy wheels. For consumers who want some extra performance capabilities there is the SS. It has a turbocharged engine and a highly refined suspension system designed for speed and nimble handling. All the available accessories and options found on the LS trim packages can be placed in the SS.

Under the hood consumers can select to have a 2.2 liter inline four cylinder engine that is capable of producing 155 horsepower. The inline four comes with either a five speed manual transmission as standard equipment, and an optional four speed automatic. Fuel economy for these smaller engines comes in at 25 mpg city and 35 mpg highway. Even the base XFE models are capable of decent acceleration. The enhanced engine offered for SS models is a 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder that has been turbocharged. That engine is capable of producing 260 horsepower. SS models are capable of going from 0-60 mpg in less than 6 seconds. Fuel economy for those models is a respectable 22 mpg city and 30 mpg highway.

While some vehicles in it's class (Toyota Corolla) have scored perfect ratings on crash tests, the 2010 Chevy Cobalt only scores 4 out of 5 stars on both front and side impact tests. The problem with these vehicles is that stability control and full curtain side airbags are not standard features for all models offered.

The Cobalt will more than likely be one of the best selling small sedans on the market for the '10 model year. Chevy didn't change too much on them because the model is going to be discontinued. For overall fuel economy and the features offered for the price they still are a bargain for consumers who don't need a full size family sedan. SS packages do offer the performance and handling necessary to make them a very desirable car.

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