AC Applications to Motorcycle Peraves Monotracer

Ride motorcycles but do not want to overheat. Peraves Monotracer this concept (PM). Monotracer motor factory making motor wear enclosed body like a car. Using the roof, doors, windshield and windows, of course, with the body like a car.

Peraves Monotracer applying air-conditioning system (AC). Chassis Peraves Monotracer apply monokok composite system of glass fiber material kevlar. Design has a frame like a car body. Who made drool is, frame, engine, handlebars and stabilizer is made from a mixture of mild steel, materials for aircraft.

Peraves Monotracer BMW K1200 engine use, 4 cylinder that has the power 130 hp. With such power, this motor can run up to 250 km / h, especially with the use of the roof body makes riders do not feel the pounding wind. To operate it, while maintaining the handlebars like a regular bike, gearshift and clutch done as the motor
position on the left foot, brake lever on the handlebars right leg and right of where the gas cartridge. Although the character designs looked like the car but the motor kept. he can turn to the horizontal position to 52 degrees from the corner. Peraves Monotracer can not be used together, he used a single-seatter, the trunk can carry up to 200 liters.

But they are the equivalent of a luxury car, the German motor was sold around 65.500 Euros.
Are you interested in having this bike.

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