Beware of Sexual Dysfunction

Beware of sexual dysfunction. Any news for motorists to be alert as the name of sexual dysfunction. This problem can be approached at any time because of the long or often above the seat, when it's this inner happiness is threatened bikers. The main problem caused by vibration and the effect of a long ride. When driving, body weight rests on the buttocks, more precisely on the perineum! In male genitalia, prostate gland and there is a set of nerves and blood vessels.

So also with pockets testicles (male genitalia) if this section continues to experience pressure and excess weight, can affect the so-called problem of sexual dysfunction. Levels of rider experience this problem, more oblique on the bike modified. For standard motors manufactured, smaller percentage, because everything is considered even up on the shape and thickness of the saddle.

First, when sex feels pain in the genitals. Second, when the level of tension stems erect penis is not strong enough, these symptoms are similar to impotence. The next symptom, bikers experiencing heartburn sensation around the thighs and crotch. Finally, the symptoms of the top butt or hips often felt shooting pain and soreness

First, it breaks when driving long enough, try to pull over to rest, do not be long enough scratching. Another tip, do not forget that the body fluid intake can be reduced when driving. Finally, choose not to wear comfortable pants tight pants so it does not hit all parts of the genitalia.

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