Mineral Oil vs Synthetic Oil

Mineral oil vs. synthetic oil. Select the oil you are confused what is right for your ride? Moreover, the various brands on the market available with two types of oil-making materials, namely mineral and synthetic.Both plant and equipment consist of the main components, Base oil and additives, both of different materials.Mineral oil, made from mineral base, or better known by product of petroleum processing.Synthetic oil, is the result of processes of chemical technology.Of course both have advantages and disadvantages. 

First of mineral oil: cheaper price advantages, and disadvantages labile to changes in viscosity, or thickness due to changes in engine temperature and working conditions. 
Synthetic Oil: The surplus is clear about the viscosity is more stable, not easily oxidized despite the high engine temperatures, easy to lubricate the engine temperature even lower. But the weakness, because the result of engineering, synthetic lubricants are not compatible with mineral products so that when switching from mineral to synthetic needs flushing or rinse. 
Characteristic features of mineral and synthetic lubricants, synthetic oils typically have a clearer color than the mineral, for more details you can see from every each product packaging. 

For better performance select grease certainly do not get confused on synthetic oil because it is not very volatile, has a viscosity which is stable and not easily oxidized.Hopefully you are not confused anymore in choosing the type of engine oil for your vehicle.

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