speed limit 32 km / h

Motor speed 32 km / h. Surprising that we make a product called "WOW" this time is not surprising in the form of goods instead of products made by European rules. The plan is the motor speed on the highway will be limited! There worst traffic signs in one state that includes the motor speed should not be more than 20 miles per hour or about 32 km / h!

This rule is again simmering European governments. Among the UK and Norway. All this background that many accidents happen to riders. Mainly due to high-speed accident. Understandably, the Europeans care very similar lives. Until the government think about the safety of motorcycle riders participate. Very different with our government, which often makes regulations that increasingly make motorist marginalized.

By the way, if the rules of speed restrictions in Europe was so applied, I can not imagine what would happen there bikers? For Europeans usually ride a large motorcycle.

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