Modifications Variety Motorcyle

The flow of many kinds of motorcycle modifications. Many types allow the same type and same mysterious psychocycle, we have a tendency respectively. There's like Hot Rod, low rider, chopper, bobbers. jap'sbike, sporty bike or even a mouse.
More confused with all the streams, sometimes affecting even overlap. But what is clear one of the flow will become dominant if it has been stuck on a motorcycle.

Hot Rods.
Can not be separated from the history of the car, especially the end of second world war, after war and severe economic recession there the otomotive mania build hot rod culture in Southern California (So-Cal or Southern California).

There, many of which the nature of California with a dry lake and magnetic Hollywood makes automotive enthusiast so creative custom exotic cars. They run several standard grip, which enlarged the engine power, commuted car weight, the roof is cut, the wheel width and color but tend to be characterized by a strong dynamic.
It all affects the wing bikers especially those choppers.
Here there is a combination of mania chopper and hot rods, the most obvious example is in the collection sinner who settled in Southern California, and was spread throughout the world.

Bobber AND Chooper
Both are closely related, principally, the same as Bob and Chop cut through cutting measures. The difference, Bobber first present and no extreme chooper. This flow but still allowing the standard chassis cut the stern and the tools necessary.
To accentuate; bobberis choose to apply grip front and rear wheels fat. Drum brakes and kick-starter the period of his birth. Bobberies fanatic, although a new motorcycle, still retain the smell of this ol skool.
CHOPPERS born out of need and efficiency of funds. When outlaws clubs like Hell's Angels had to ride Harley-Davidson or Idian, they criticized the heavy weights of HD and disrupting their activities. Solution, these cutting devices include the chassis until the weight is reduced.
On the other hand, made factory that makes them expensive cost frugality. The search engine and was originally combine them with a homemade chassis and other various junk yards.
This history of developing and modifying homes and builders gave birth to the world. Interestingly, the philosophy which should choppers cheaper than the factory shifting, now just the opposite.

Of meaning as a climber, can be predictable if the flow is equal to or motorcycle multipurpose motocroos. In a world modifcation, scramblers tagged with foot strengthening, ground clearance is elevated, motocross tires and engine exhaust in the middle of a circle so as not to interfere when eating extreme terrain.
Uniquely, this flow produces its own beauty. Many choose scrambler with modifier
clean and glare characters.

Rat Bike
The most unique class but have a lot of fans. For them the same motor with an album of life. The result, all goods that never intersect with them, stuck to the motorcycle. The result, so the motor did not fully known because of damaged goods.
Amazingly, this genre has its own place in the science of psychology. The tendency for Baum Nest(Nesting behavior) experienced some humans.
Not just a bike, biker rat behavior is also typical. They're addicted to touring and have a very strong sense of brotherhood. Hence, rat bikers always missed by the various biker groups.

LOW Riders (LW)
Reportedly born of Chicano Community, namely the Mexicanos-Latinos who live in Los Angeles. Another with Hot Rod (HR) which is identical with tremendous power and acceleration. LW like cars or motorcycles shallow and slow according to their philosophy, bajito y suavicito(low and slow).
This the craziest crazy motor-cars and like to congregate and flat display mounts. They may be termed the poser, single-file and forming a close community. On the other hand, the low riders through the taste, they are trying to sharpen the viscosity the Chicano cultural identity, including gangsters, and their style aesthetic expression.
The most prominent characteristic of them is the steed as short as possible, but it has air suspension. In the car, they custom car so I could jump jump with an independent air suspension. This aesthetic is also transmitted to the motorcycle or bicycle, with a choice of flat ground clearance, ape hanger handlebars that modification unique example of twisted, chrome and flashy colors.
Some chopperis also love this genre.

Being among chopperis style, sport bike or streetfighter world, they Creativity inspired "revenge" due to the defeat of World War II, especially against America. They tried to beat the American cultural superiority and the attempt hard to change the world to suit their tastes tastes. Jap's Style aka the Japanese style is quite successful as a way of spreading.
Among chopperis, the presence Chicagawa (Chica Custom) or Shinya Kimura (Zero Enggineering) are considered heroes able to deploy forces this. They do not follow strict rules about the criteria-Bobber choppers even scramblers. Among scooter matic, Jap's style is not less splashy. Typical, mischievous creativity ol skool style in the handlebars naked round lights, seat-rise with glossy coating and made from cute beaded detail. Sometimes they ignore road-Climb targeting models, such as hill-Climb to the elongation of the body through the addition of engine mountings or lengthen the total order. As a result more and more ground clearance also decreased.

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