Motorcycle Injury Prevention Tips to Promote

Almost everything in our lives, and to some extent, including the risk of riding a motorcycle is no exception. Your favorite that you ride a bike is one of the pleasures is likely that if there is anything that might get hurt there is no reason to abandon it. Importantly, how to protect yourself in a motorcycle accident, so you greatly reduce the likelihood of injury to learn.

Wear protective equipment. In a conflict, no seat belts, air bags, or metal frame, you can protect. Obstacles that you and the road just between the protective gear. Always prevent accidents, head trauma and destruction of face shields and helmets can be approved. Gloves, jackets, pants, suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident on public roads to protect you, such as skin rash and boots made of durable material.

Get the proper training. Legally, the Washington State you before putting the bike on the road, riding a motorcycle test must pass the motorcycle knowledge test. You ready to become a legal driver, while it also allows you to learn all the safety and / or training programs may want to subscribe.

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7 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

Seven most expensive motorcycles in the world. For you who has passion in motorcycle world, you may know that there are a lot of expensive motorcycle in this world, you name it; Ducati, Harley Davidson, or maybe several of the Japaneses are included. However, haven't you ever wondering, which ones are the most expensive? Here they are from “cheapest”:

1. Ducati Desmosedici RR 1. (USD 72,500 = USD 650 million)
These motorcycles include the first order of most expensive motorcycles, this is a limited production version of street-legal MotoGP Desmosedici racebike. Launched at the 2006 Italian MotoGP, 1500 Desmosedici RR model for public purchasing made ​​by Ducati. All 500 units allocated to the United States sold out in five hours. Like the other Ducati motorcycle, he has a L-Twin engine, with displacement of 989cc, and 197.3 hp at 13,800 rpm.

2. MV Agusta F4 CC (EUR 129.000 = USD 1.17 billion)
It is ranked the world's two most expensive motorcycles. Created by renowned motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini at CRC (Cagiva Research Center). Unlike other Italian bikes, the F4 series has a four-cylinder inline. While the displacement varies between series. Machine comes from the Ferrari Formula One engine 1990-1992. Ferrari engineers assist in the development of machinery in the early design process. In this case, the F4 CC named Claudio Castiglioni, Managing Director of MV Agusta. This type is released in late 2006. This is a 1078 cc engine, with estimates of 195 mph (312 km / hr.)

3. MTT Gas Turbine Superbike (USD 175.000 = 1.580.000.000)
The world's first turbine powered street legal motorcycle in its class, and has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the "Most Powerful Motorcycle Ever to Enter Series Production" and the "Most Expensive Motorcycles". Powered by a Rolls Royce Allison gas turbine engine, the SUPERBIKE has demonstrated over 300 hp and 425 ft/lbs of torque on the Dyno Jet 200, and has been clocked at a record-breaking 227 mph (365 kph).

4. Macchia Nera Concept Bike (USD 194.000 = IDR 1.755.000.000)
This exclusive motorcycle was produced as a concept in 2004 and never got any further than that. Based on a Ducati 998 WSB engine, this was the one and only produced. This certainly qualifies as the “Most Exclusive Bike in the World.” Displacement of 1000cc, this bike has a 185 hp, and ranked fourth in the world's most expensive motorcycles.

5. Ecosse Titanium Series RR (USD 275,000 = Rp 2,500,000,000)
This particular motorcycle is a combination of old world skills and accuracy are controlled by a computer that easily blend American muscle with a beautiful line, race-bred components and chassis for the first time all titanium. The result is a lightweight, carbon fiber beauty with a supercharged billet motor producing insane amount of torque and power. This bike is amazing. This bike is also equipped 2.150cc engine, supercharged, intercooled, and fuel injection; race titanium exhaust artificial hand painted orange pinstripes on the tank and tail; made​​, nine-piece, clear-coated carbon fiber bodywork, wheels that clear-coated carbon fiber. Ecosse is the fifth most expensive motorcycles in the world.

6. Dodge Tomahawk (USD 550,000 = USD 4.97 billion)
From the row of the world's most expensive motorcycles. This Tomahawk is a concept motorcycle produced by Dodge. Dodge introduced a vehicle with a futuristic design and unusual, featuring 500 hp (373 kW) 3.8 L V10 engine from the Dodge Viper SRT10 at the North American International Motorshow 2003 in Detroit, Michigan. It's kind of motor quadricycle than a typical motorcycle having two front wheels and two rear wheels. It has a top speed of 300 mph (480 km / h) or more, although only 2 transmission.

7. Ecosse Spirit ES1 (USD 3,600,000 IDR = 32.5 billion)
Lightweight, low aerodynamic drag and enhanced rider ergonomics. These motorcycles do not have what we call a conventional chassis. With this in mind they have managed to sit the rider much lower than normal, the knee is also much closer together. With a 1000cc displacement, this engine has 135 hp and can reach 230 mph (370 km / h).
Likewise, seven sequences of the world's most expensive motorcycles.

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How to Clean Your Motorcycle Aluminum Parts

It is indeed such an annoying looks when your aluminum on your motorcycle has gotten dirty; certainly you want to clean motorcycle aluminum parts. Though that aluminum is durable and for the most part rust resistant, overtime it can loose its shine. Whether it is exposure to weather or just wear and tear, motorcycle aluminum parts can get dirty and become dingy and cloudy. Actually, it is relatively easy to clean motorcycle aluminum parts; even it can be done within a few short minuts.

You need these to clean your motorcycle aluminum parts:
• dish detergent
• water
• small container
• rags
• sandpaper
• polishing cloth
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E-Moto Motorcycle

Electric motor technology has actually been known for several years backwards. However, this electric-powered vehicles barely audible. Generally, China's motorcycle production in the electric motor technology introduced around 2006, like Vivamas and Qingqi.

There is a concentration of manufacturers introducing electricity motor technology, called E-Moto, and there are four variants are offered, Spirit, Renza, VIP and Sonia. Manufacturers are trying to take heart from the side of the fan motor energy efficient and environmentally friendly, easy to use this bike, do not need large costs and no maintenance.
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