E-Moto Motorcycle

Electric motor technology has actually been known for several years backwards. However, this electric-powered vehicles barely audible. Generally, China's motorcycle production in the electric motor technology introduced around 2006, like Vivamas and Qingqi.

There is a concentration of manufacturers introducing electricity motor technology, called E-Moto, and there are four variants are offered, Spirit, Renza, VIP and Sonia. Manufacturers are trying to take heart from the side of the fan motor energy efficient and environmentally friendly, easy to use this bike, do not need large costs and no maintenance.

In terms of looks like a scooter, and is believed to be able to compete with conventional motors.
This motor technology uses components among his: Dynamo, battery and controller. Controller functions as a regulator of dividing power and electricity to all electrical components. Using the Battery which amounts to four fruit-type MF, Dinamo motor functions as a type "Brushles DC Electric" has a torque of 10.5 NM and hold down the use for five years. Charge for 8 hours you can ride this bike with a distance of 80 km without lights. This motor is suitable for the office, school and the neighborhood.

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