How to Clean Your Motorcycle Aluminum Parts

It is indeed such an annoying looks when your aluminum on your motorcycle has gotten dirty; certainly you want to clean motorcycle aluminum parts. Though that aluminum is durable and for the most part rust resistant, overtime it can loose its shine. Whether it is exposure to weather or just wear and tear, motorcycle aluminum parts can get dirty and become dingy and cloudy. Actually, it is relatively easy to clean motorcycle aluminum parts; even it can be done within a few short minuts.

You need these to clean your motorcycle aluminum parts:
• dish detergent
• water
• small container
• rags
• sandpaper
• polishing cloth

Now follow these steps:
1. Remove aluminum trim parts. Make sure that you take them off. This will allow for easier cleaning to the aluminum.
2. Clean the motorcycle aluminum parts. Mix dish detergent and water, then use a clean rag to clean the aluminum. Rinse with water and dry completely with a towel.
3. Sand scratches or marks. Use sand paper to remove any scratches, dings or marks from the motorcycle aluminum parts. To help remove even more residue dip the sandpaper in water. Continue to sand the aluminum until all scratches and marks are removed buy using smooth, even strokes in a single direction.
4. Apply metal polish. Use a dry rag or a sponge and apply a good amount of metal polish to the motorcycle aluminum parts. Gently rub it in to cover all the aluminum.
5. Clean with polishing cloth. Clean away any polish residue with a polishing cloth and to buff the aluminum well enough to shine. Attach the removed aluminum trim parts back onto the motorcycle.

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