LA Auto Show Focuses On New Production Vehicles

LA Auto Show focuses on new production vehicles and concept cars for the very near future direction of the signal is. One aspect of the show, however, have scrutinized the streets and provide the designer of the theme are encouraged to create their vision.
LA Auto Show Design Challenge, and with whom the seventh year of 2010, as well as designers and performance-Wed perform four passengers were being refined to make the car worth £ 1,000.

GM's advanced design team to pull the top spot in their concepts and development must Aera Cadillac. The judges declared a tie in the competition for the podium and claim victory, but also because of the smart 454 was busy.

This is all entered their cars to provide the most victories, General Motors has won the group a challenge to display the third time. Aera determination to find a Cadillac concept and the conflict in all areas, despite the futuristic styling, you can recognize some of today's Cadillacs carry a line.

454 smart WWT Smart dark and dramatic as compared to 454 Aera, a different approach to this competition is not. Refers to the weight of 454 kg of the vehicle is being built as described, or more non-carbon-fiber weave and "smart robots, Grandma." They're robots, or SGRs, super strong, can complicate a variety of forms to be created to form a carbon-fiber can be changed. Less unstrung weight allows the scroll to a powerful platform for the WWT 454 eulwihan even rolled carbon fiber wheels.

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