Honda CB1000R Scorpion

Used Honda cb1000r scorpion is not only very pleasant and spirited driving, but also a look that is a tad more extreme version of the CB1000R Scorpion. This Special Edition features a sleek, titanium Akrapovic slip-on muffler with a carbon fiber heat shield, as well as a seat cover, a cover cap and a wielstickerset.

The clutch cover gives a stylish cover, while the oil filter is equipped with a titanium-like cover. One undergraduate tray "makes the stylish makeover at all, while the Pro Honda Maintenance Selection Pack ensures that this beautiful CB1000R Scorpion in new condition can hold. The Honda cb1000r scorpion stands for prices from 13,149 euro’s to the dealers, which means that for the complete kit Scorpion no Euro 1542, but pays 650 euro’s.

Honda CB1000R

The Honda cb1000r Scorpion Special Edition models are available through the official Honda dealer. See the "Special Edition 2011" brochure is now online.

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