Honda vfr1200f Sport Touring Edition And Spec

Choosing Honda vfr1200f sport touring edition to get the maximum comfort, offering the Honda Sport Touring Package. This package includes all the extras except the Sport package Comfort Edition also Hugger, a top box with a capacity of 31 liters, tank bags and tour Schermenhorn.

Honda VFR1200F

Overall, prices are very complete accessory package on Honda vfr1200f sport touring edition was only € 1,349, € 1,615 for an increase in benefits over the price of purchasing individual components! The VFR1200F Sport Touring edition comes from 19,839 euro’s.

Honda VFR1200F

Honda VFR1200F
Sport Touring Specifications:
Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke UNICAM 76° V-4
Displacement 1,237cm3
Bore x Stroke 81 x 60mm
Compression Ratio 12: 1
Max. Power Output: 127kW/10,000min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque 129Nm/8,750min-1
Idling Speed 1050-1250min-1
Oil Capacity 4 litres

Fuel System:
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Air cleaner Oil-permeated, viscous-type paper filter
Fuel Tank Capacity 18.5litres
Fuel Consumption 15.5km/l

Electrical System:
Ignition System Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance. Ignition Timing 6.4° ~ 10.4° BTDC (idle speed)
Sparkplug Type IMR9E-9HES (NGK); VUH27ES (DENSO)

Starter Electric:
Battery Capacity 12V/11.6AH (YTZ14)
ACG Output 560W Headlight 12V, 55W x 1 (low)/55W x 1 (high)

Drivetrain :
Clutch Wet, multiplate slipper type, Clutch Operation Hydraulic Transmission Type Constant mesh 6-speed
Primary Reduction 1.738 (73/42)

Gear Ratios :
1.  2.6000 (39/15)
2.  1.7368 (33/19)
3.  1.3636 (30/22)
4.  1.1600 (29/25)
5.  1.0322 (32/31)
6.  0.9393 (31/33)
Final Reduction 2.7

Dimensions :
(LxWxH) 2,250 x 755 x 1,220mm
Wheelbase 1,545mm
Caster Angle 25.5°
Trail 101mm
Turning Radius 3.5m
Seat Height 815mm
Ground Clearance 125mm
Kerb Weight 267kg
Loaded Weight 463kg

Suspension :
Front 43mm, cartridge-type telescopic fork with stepless preload adjustment, 120mm axle travel
Rear Pro-Link with gas-charged damper, 25-step (*stepless remote-controlled hydraulic) preload and stepless rebound damping adjustment, 130mm axle travel.

Front 5-spoke hollow gravity die cast aluminium
Rear 7-spoke gravity die cast aluminium
Rim Size: Front 17M/C x MT3.5 Rear 17M/C x MT6
Tyre Size : Front 120/70-ZR17M/C (58W) Rear 190/55-ZR17M/C (75W)
Tyre Pressure:  Front 250kPa / Rear 290kPa

Front - 320mm dual floating hydraulic disc with two 6-piston calipers, C-CBS/ABS and sintered metal pads.
Rear - 276mm hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper, C-CBS/ABS and sintered metal pads.
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Honda Transalp Xl700v LaBonette

Sharing the experience of used Honda Transalp Xl700v motorcycle. All Terrain Riders often truly adventurous, a little off-road are not vigilant when passing through a high mountain. Not for nothing are the coordinates of the Cime de la Bonette, the highest paved road through the Alps, in the cockpit Transalp XL700V.
Honda Transalp Xl700v

Would you like an adventurer used Honda Transalp Xl700v, you will see a very complete accessory kit La Bonette appreciates. It contains not only handle the heat, high windshield and center stand is also a top box with a capacity of 45 liters and backrest, two panniers with a capacity of 29 liters with side panels, and Tank pad.

Honda Transalp Xl700v

To observe everything including Maintenance Pack Pro Honda Selections from the package, which now does not cost a Euro 2330, but only for € 749 in the Special Edition comes. Honda Transalp Xl700v La Bonette abbreviations € 10,199 at list price.
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Honda Motorcycle Varadero XL1000V L'Iseran

What is true of Honda motorcycle Varadero XL1000V L'Iseran the Transalp, certainly applies to the XL1000V Varadero. This off-road, thanks to its torque, 1,000 cc V-twin is very popular for long distance riders who are looking for the most challenging mountain passes. Such as the Col d'Iseran, the highest paved mountain passes in Europe.

That name does not stand for anything for the Special Edition accessory package that Honda motorcycle Varadero XL 1000V L'Iseran is the ideal travel bike. This is ensured by including the aluminum-look top box with backrest carried the panniers with a capacity of 35 liters of trunk protectors, handle the heat, the handy center stand and of course the Pro Honda Maintenance Selection Pack.

Purchased separately, these accessories together at a price of 2.310 euro’s, but at the Varadero XL1000V l'Iseran, there is only a supplement of 600 euro’s. The Honda motorcycle XL1000V Varadero L'Iseran stands thus for 14,390 euro’s on hand at the Honda dealer.
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Honda CB1000R Scorpion

Used Honda cb1000r scorpion is not only very pleasant and spirited driving, but also a look that is a tad more extreme version of the CB1000R Scorpion. This Special Edition features a sleek, titanium Akrapovic slip-on muffler with a carbon fiber heat shield, as well as a seat cover, a cover cap and a wielstickerset.

The clutch cover gives a stylish cover, while the oil filter is equipped with a titanium-like cover. One undergraduate tray "makes the stylish makeover at all, while the Pro Honda Maintenance Selection Pack ensures that this beautiful CB1000R Scorpion in new condition can hold. The Honda cb1000r scorpion stands for prices from 13,149 euro’s to the dealers, which means that for the complete kit Scorpion no Euro 1542, but pays 650 euro’s.

Honda CB1000R

The Honda cb1000r Scorpion Special Edition models are available through the official Honda dealer. See the "Special Edition 2011" brochure is now online.
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Historical Development Suzuki Motorcycle

Suzuki motorcycle was first introduced in the U.S.A in1963, and has grown even more since then because of their ability to build motorcycles that are very efficient, affordable, and reliable. Suzuki has come on very strong car in the motorcycle industry for many years, especially with the models they Boulevard.

Suzuki has developed into a world leader in Motorcycles and Motor Components. He has a long document makes top quality motor cars, and has developed into a major achievement produces countless and countless loyal followers around the world.

Suzuki also has a history of developing the show in a motorcycle competition worldwide. Through the 1970's, a lot of competition motorcycles around the planet were won by a motorcyclist who was riding a bike the Suzuki brand. This further fueled the growth of popularity of the Suzuki, and while Suzuki is one of the largest and most well-recognized manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.

When you will consider getting Motorcycles Suzuki, you'll not only get a simple bike, but you'll get a bike that is actually the result of more than 50 years of evolution and innovative discoveries. One of their first models that they have released is a bicycle Diamond Free and released to the public in 1953.

If you want a fair example of Suzuki's motorcycle very well, then just look at the GSX-R1300 Hayabusa.

Buying a bike from them is actually a very good investment and if you will investigate properly care for your bike, you will be able to use it for your entire life, which is really good news.

Suzuki is now one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers around the world today because they offer several types of motocross bikes, motorcycles, and more.

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